Automating code development

Co-Founder at Generato GmbH

Former Co-Founder, currently CEO at (Ex: Generato)

Founding the Generato GmbH

Just like the iPhone Camera made everyone a photographic person, a lot if “no-code-development-tools” grew to make everyone a software developer. But just like there always be the need for professional photographers, we, in a team of three, developed our proposition, that great software systems will be built always by professional developers. Only they deeply understand paradigms and technologies which are required to built outstanding systems. That’s why started building a web platform, to connect product- and development-teams while giving them tools to automize what, we thought possible.

What is Generato?

While I worked closely together my two business-sided co-founders, I designed and implemented a low-code web app to prevent the duplicate typing of any line of code globally. We successfully appliead for the EXIST-scholarship and worked with feedback from interested parties, and previous customers. My role was to lead the creation, improvement, and growth of these product related activities, but especially the development of the required algorithms. To foster better development productivity we created an entity-relationship diagram, a user-interface-component-diagram, and connected it with continuous code synchronization for the most important programming languages, including an IDE-like editor for the templates, and some platform-mandatory features like tracking or payment. The product itself was implemented by the help of Firebase, Angular, Ant-Design, and many other interesting tools and integrations like Intercom or Paddle. Before we stopped our company because of private complications and disagreements in our strategy we served up to 1500 users.