Consultancy and Software Development

Working student at Garpa GmbH for dbConn GmbH

different targets, different technologies and different goals

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To empower better reporting and accessibility, the owner of the dbConn GmbH (and my close friend) and I worked for different clients and made up different projects.

Garpa GmbH

Working with many colleagues at the client’s company itself my chef and I maintained an analytical database with custom ETL-scripts (T-SQL) on the existing enterprise-resource-planning system and its environment (MS: Navision, SQL Server). Additionally, we distributed a full covering reporting suite, different forecasts with cube-analysis, and multiple custom functionalities by satellite apps for all the different departments.

Patientenintiative e.V.

Together with my chef, I designed and implemented a full-stack web application by the specifications of our client to enable patients to find their best doctor nearby based on their disability. For our accessibility-focused implementation, we have used Angular, Java Spring, and the SurveyMonkey platform.

FA|KT Valuation Chartered Surveyors

To support the verification process of my client for the public building sector, I evaluated, designed, and implemented a full-stack web system with Java Spring Boot and an Ionic Mobile App with features like administrative configuration, offline mode, different reports, and an image documentation.