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While both of the co-founders of Generato decided to found their No-Code Consulting Agency “”, I started to refine Generato into a new generation of software development tool.

What is Codeboard?

When looking at our generations challenges it is impossible to oversee climate change and the impact of our energy crisis. To me, it felt clear that even software needed to be re-thought into something which works in the most efficient way possible.

By the help of some great people I learned to emphasize event-driven architectures, CQRS and serverless pattern. My main goal became to extend Generato to support the exploration of business-targeted user journeys while translating them directly into agile, outstanding software architectures. The serverless, event-driven architecture with CQRS became the most interesting approach which is covered now by the visual “whiteboard” interface with “sticky notes” to represent both, the business domain and the software architecture at the same time. Using old parts of Generato these can be translated into extendable code continuously, based on hackable code templates for every programming language.

Codeboard is available as a public beta and furhter grows together with my freelancing activities.